What is Vish Creations about?

I originally created this website for many different reasons. Over time there have been numerous revisions of this site. At the moment, this website is just my own personal site where I blog and offer a few services to select clientele.

I am a part-time freelance web & graphic designer who learnt about graphics design by trial and error. Over the last decade or so, with the advent of new technologies, it seems like everything I learnt how to do has basically become nullified by the worldwide growth in technology. However, as technology grew so did my expertise and this is what I wish to showcase to a greater or lesser extent on my website.

I enjoy playing around with graphics and video, however due to actually requiring work in order to pay the bills, I have kept this more as a hobby rather than a full-time occupation. Additionally, I also do host websites and once again this is for specific clientele. I do consider being part of short time projects as this allows me to become more innovative in my designs; breaking boundaries and blurring the mist we call life.

- Angelus